So it’s time to get your little one ready for the first day of preschool.😢 WOW! Time just flies, doesn’t it?

Seems like just yesterday you were bringing your brand new baby home from the hospital and now she’s getting ready for preschool. How can this be?

I know you’re experiencing some mixed emotions right now. Happy that they’re growing up so well but also sad 😔that you’re going to miss them running through the house during the day, keeping you on your toes. Okay maybe you won’t miss that but ya catch my drift.

Truth is, you’re going to miss your little sidekick and that’s perfectly normal!

Babies grow up so fast! It’s crazy! 🤦‍♀️

Preschool is inevitable so the best thing you can do is get your little toddler ready for the first day of preschool.

Let’s get right to it!

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The first thing you must do before your child can enter preschool is to register her for a preschool or headstart program (but you knew that though! 😎)

You may be wondering what the difference is between preschool and headstart. It’s okay, I wondered the same thing. Girl, I got you👍!  I came across this great article by ‘The Classroom’ that explains the differences between preschool and headstart programs pretty well!

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The preschool or headstart program that you sign your child up for will likely give you a list of supplies that she will need. Preschool normally doesn’t need much of anything.

The needs can change from teacher to teacher based on what they feel the child will need but you can be sure it won’t be much. If it seems that the teachers are asking for unnecessary things you could talk to them to find out the need for each item.

Here is a sample supply list that one teacher, Vanessa Levin of, says she has her Pre-K and preschool students bring in:

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A few other items your child may need for preschool are:

If you still aren’t sure about what she will need to start the year off right, click here to check out Crayola’s smart supplies guide for Preschool!


So much is happening today that you can never be too safe. It’s never too early to start teaching your children about bad people but as a toddler, the concept of stranger danger is way over their little heads. So what are you supposed to do to keep your little one safe? 🤔

Well, since you asked I’m going to tell you. This item is one of the biggest ways to keep your child safe while they’re at school. I’ve done my research and this is great 👌to have!

Potty Train

Potty training can be hard, I get that. But you want your child to have some sort of independence in preschool, right?

The best gift you can give to a teacher is to potty train your child. There will be others who are not potty trained yet and these children will need the teacher’s attention in this area.

By potty training your child months ahead of time, you can be sure that they are able to properly use the restroom.

Pretend Play

Just like you, your child will feel all sorts of emotions related to the idea of being separated from you and starting a new adventure that she isn’t familiar with.

Help relieve her anxiety by acting out the different situations she will experience in preschool. This could be taking naps, hanging her backpack and coat up, recess, singing songs, reading stories, having circle time, and most importantly saying goodbye to mommy and/or daddy.

This is normally the hardest part about starting preschool. It may be hard for not just you but her as well to say goodbye. So it is very important to get her comfortable doing so ahead of time. If you do she’ll be less anxious on the first day.

Read Books About Preschool

Readings books about preschool can help your child to feel less anxious about starting preschool as well.

Some great first day of preschool books that you and her can read together are:

  1. Pete the Kitty’s First Day of Preschool
  2. The Night Before Preschool 
  3. I’m Going to Preschool
  4. Maisy Goes to Preschool: A Maisy First Experiences Book

These books are exactly what you need to read with your toddler. By the end of each book, she’ll be hype and ready for preschool. 😊

Teach Self-help Skills

Self-help skills include unzipping her coat, hanging the coat up on the hook, putting on her backpack and fastening her shoes.

You could make this lesson fun and exciting for her by making a game out of it. Like seeing who can put their shoes on the fastest or who can unzip and take their coat off the fastest.

If you will be sending lunch 🥪to school with your child you could have a family picnic and teach her how to open her lunchbox and unpackage the items in there such as unwrapping a sandwich.


Your child may have worries about the first day of preschool. She may try to communicate those worries to you, listen👂.

Also, assure her that she’s going to love preschool but let her know that it’s okay to be nervous.

Share with her a time when you had to start something new and how you felt. Even share with her what made you feel better and let her know that things weren’t bad at all like you had pictured it would be. Tell her that preschool may seem scary at first but in reality, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Don’t shrug off her worries, whether they are big or small. Rather try and help her think through the problem. For example, if she is worried that her teacher won’t be nice, set up a visit with her teacher before preschool starts so she can get the feel of her and is able to see that her teacher is nice.

Visit the New School

Entering a new school for the very first time can be overwhelming for your little one and you don’t want that. So take a field trip to her new school and give her a tour. Show her where her classroom will be and where she should put her things.

Also, show her the cafeteria and if allowed even pack a lunch and eat with her in the cafeteria so she can know what you are supposed to do in here.

Head to the playground and spend time with her here. Push her on the sings, catch her as she comes down the slide, and spin her on the roundabout. This fun time she is having will make her ecstatic😋😁 about coming back and starting preschool here.

When the first day comes, just about everything will look familiar to her and she will feel more comfortable. She’ll be cool in her new school😎.

School Nurse

Your child may have a medical condition that she has to take medicine 💊 for. Or she may have some allergies to certain foods and drinks. You should communicate this information to the school nurse.

If your child is on any sort of medication, you should take the medicine to the school nurse. This way she can make sure your child gets her medicine every day and on time.


Having routines are great for your little one. Teach her the morning routine such as getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing her teeth and getting in the car to go to school.

You should also teach her the afternoon routine such as waiting with a teacher for her ride (or getting on the bus), coming home, eating a snack, and possibly staying with the babysitter while you and dad are at work. If that is the case. Whatever your routine is, make sure she knows it.

If she will have a new caregiver make sure you introduce them months ahead of time so they can get comfortable with one another.

And if someone different is going to be in charge of picking up and taking to and from school, tell your child this so she won’t be caught off guard when you’re not the one who shows up to pick her up.

Also, set a bedtime routine including sending her to bed at a certain time every night and stick to it. Make sure the routine is calming and relaxing and not overwhelming.

In Conclusion

Preschool can be a fun, exciting, and scary experience for both you and your child. Ease all worries by following these steps to get your child ready for the first day of preschool. Of course, this isn’t everything but these are major steps to take to make sure your child is preschool ready.

Over to you: What steps did you take to get your toddler ready for preschool? We’d love to know so leave us a comment! ✨

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