You made it through preschool and now you have to prepare your kid for kindergarten.

I totally get it. This is a time of change for both of you.

Maybe you’ve never had a child go to kindergarten. You probably aren’t sure how to prepare your kid for this new school adventure.

It’s okay because I’m here to give you some great tips on how to prepare your kid for kindergarten.

 How to Prepare Your Kid For Kindergarten

Kindergarten Tour:

The best thing to help ease your child’s fears about kindergarten is to take them on a tour of the new school. The two of you could play on the playground, walk around the gym, sit at the lunch table, and even visit the school library. If possible, arrange to meet with your child’s new teacher. This visit will help your child to get familiar with the place and start bonding with his new teacher.👩‍🏫

Plan a Meeting with the Teacher:

Your child will have a new teacher and may need some help bonding with her. You could call 📞her up and schedule a meeting at the school🏫. Tell her your child is a little anxious about starting kindergarten if this is the case and ask her if you and your kid could come to visit her. She may be able to alleviate many of the fears😨your child has about kindergarten and they may connect faster than you think.

Shop for School Supplies Together:

If your child is anything like me shopping for school supplies will get him pumped and ready for the new school year. He’ll be so ready to tear the paper off of his new supplies and actually use them. Not to mention, you could make a tradition out of shopping for school supplies together every school year. I remember my parents taking my sister and I shopping for school gear and it’s one of the greatest memories we share. So don’t underestimate the power of creating traditions such as these. One day he’s going to grow up and he’ll thank you for including him in the process.

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Establish a bedtime routine:

Setting a bedtime 😴 routine weeks before your kid is set to start kindergarten is very very important. Sleep is the key to a lot of things. Not getting enough sleep can be detrimental to your kid’s learning. And let’s face it if you don’t get them in the habit of going to bed at a decent time their little bodies will be prepared to stay up late every night. So, start a routine and stick with it.

Get rid of naps:

I’m not saying stop cold turkey. Don’t do that. But you do need to start slowly but surely decreasing the number of naps your child takes throughout the day. You will need to develop a plan in order to prepare them for a full day of kindergarten. They will get accustomed to not taking naps as long as you are consistent with not letting them take naps. Don’t allow them to take naps after school either if you want them to go to bed on time and sleep restfully.

Read Daily:

Reading📖aloud every day will help him to come to love reading. Eventually, he’ll be ready and willing to read on his own. In kindergarten, the teacher will read to all of the children in a circle. This will require your child patiently sit and speak when it’s their turn. You should always include your child in the read-aloud session. Don’t have him only listening while you read. Encourage him to read with you. Sound out words together. And always make reading fun for him so he will love it.

Walk to Class:

Walk your child to class at least on the first day. Remember how we talked about traditions. If your schedule allows it, walk your child to class every morning if you will be dropping him off at school. This could be another great tradition that your child will remember and cherish for a long time. I know this isn’t possible for everyone and that’s okay. If your child will be catching the bus🚌 to school walk him to the bus stop every morning.

Plan Breakfast:

Having breakfast 🥞🥓🍓🍇as a family should be done at least twice a week. Schools offer breakfast to the children so it’s not necessary for them to eat breakfast at home every day unless this is what you prefer. If you can have breakfast with your child every morning before school that’s even better!

Teach Necessary Skills:

Initially, when you register your child for kindergarten you will be given a list of things your child should know. Go down the list and identify what your child already knows and what they need to learn. Things such as counting, ABC’s, and reciting his name are all things he will need to know on the first day of school.  These are not even half the things he will need to know so be sure to ask for a list. Push aside the things he already knows and focus on the things he doesn’t know. These skills will not develop overnight. It will take time and consistency, know that. And try not to focus on these skills too heavily for fear of overwhelming him.

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Create a Before- and After- School Plan

In the mornings, you may drop your child off at school but he may be expected to ride the bus home after school or maybe his babysitter will be picking him up in the afternoons. Be sure to properly communicate any changes to your child as well as your child’s school.

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Children’s Books about Starting Kindergarten

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Reading to your kid is important and can help them have a smooth transition into kindergarten. Here are some of our favorite kindergarten books:

“Kindergarten, Here I come!” by D. J. Steinberg and Mark Chambers

“The Night Before Kindergarten” by Natasha Wing

“On the First Day of Kindergarten” by Tish Rabe and Laura Hughes

“Clifford Goes to Kindergarten” by Norman Bridwell 

“Kindergarten Rocks!” by Katie Davis

Preparing in advance for kindergarten can make the transition from preschool to kindergarten very smooth for you and your kid. Always be sure to include your little one in the whole getting ready for kindergarten process. I promise they will enjoy it!

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