High school can be tough. Not too long ago I was a high schooler and I know the pains that come with it. Today, I will be sharing with you how you can prepare your teen for freshman year of high school.

When I became a high schooler I had my parents help to make that transition and to give me tips on how to succeed as a high schooler. Not only that but I have a big sister who entered high school before me and was able to tell me some of the things I would be exposed to. Such as being called, “Freshmeat” by the older kids. Oh, and they also loved to call us freshmen “bootlickers.”

I know what you’re thinking. How rude! Honestly, I thought the same thing.

Point is, you’re teen needs to know exactly what they are walking into and how to deal with it all. I’m here to share that. So, keep reading!

Tips on How to Prepare for Freshman Year of High School

What to Expect

More Work

When I say that your teen is going to work for their grades I mean they are going to really work. No joke. Every high school is different and I’m going, to be honest, and say that not all high schools are created equal.

Some will make them work super hard and others are a little more laid back.

I know this from firsthand experience. I went to two different high schools and one had great academics and really pushed their students to work hard and be successful.

My other high school was WAY more chill and didn’t push us, students, very much, nor did the teachers.

I love learning so, of course, I wasn’t happy with that but this was right up the alley of a lot of my schoolmates.

My suggestion is that no matter what type of high school your teen attends, encourage them to always work really hard and do their best. It will pay off in the end.

Let them know they should never be afraid to ask for help when they need it.

Tell them that things change and high school is no exception. As the year goes on, they’re going to notice more and more the differences between high school and middle school. Or high school and any other school they’ve ever attended for that matter.

They are now expected to write longer research papers, conduct more research and do more homework. This is their reality for the next four years of their life so it’s best if they get used to it now.

From here on out, things will continue to progress from hard to harder. But this shouldn’t scare them, rather it should motivate them to step up to the challenge and beat it.

Help your child to really focus on their school work, meet all due dates, and study hard.

Greater Independence

Greater independence means that teachers won’t hold your child by the hand anymore.

You know how in grade school when a child doesn’t do their homework the teacher checks upon them and makes sure they get it turned in? Well, that’s all over with now.

Your teen will have several classes with several different teachers giving them assignments to do. They are expected to do their work to the best of their ability and on time. Period.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure. What do you know about that? Peer pressure takes place when your teen’s peers or schoolmates pressure them to engage in wrong behaviors and activities.

It’s no fun and it’s not right but peer pressure has definitely become a normal part of high school.

As a freshman, your child will be expected to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing because they think it’s cool. Let your teen know that drinking, smoking, having sex, and bullying are all the things they should absolutely not be doing.

Peer pressure can be hard to battle but with your help, your teen can win!

How to Prepare for Freshman Year of High School

Get Plenty of Sleep

You’ll be surprised what can go wrong when your teen doesn’t get enough sleep. They’ll be grumpy and less likely to do their best work.

So even though they are older and more independent you should still make sure they go to bed at a decent time. Your teen should be getting about 9 hours of sleep every night. This will leave them feeling energized, refreshed, and ready for a good day!

Study Hard

Your teen should study hard because this is the only way they will be successful in high school. It’s not enough to skim through notes on the day of a test or quiz. Deep studying will have the greatest benefits and will help your teen to do great on each and every assignment.

Take Classes Serious

This one is very important. When teenagers get to high school for some odd reason they are usually under the impression that high school, freshman year, in particular, is all fun and games.

It’s okay to enjoy your time in high school but the real purpose is to learn and become educated. Not simply have fun.

You should promote the seriousness of high school and let your teen know that their classes are important and they should view them as such.

Don’t Stress Too Much

On another note, your teen should not be placed under too much stress and pressure.

A good push to do good on coursework is necessary but should not be extreme. Some parents push their children much too hard and the child wounds up just giving up altogether. To avoid this outcome, take it easy and have a balanced view of your child’s education and success.

Always Do the Best

Encourage your teen to always do their best in everything. Let them know that they may not always make the grade they were hoping for but as long as they give their best that’s what matters. If they don’t get it right the first time to help them to study more so they can do better next time.


Tell your teen to take it easy and relax. You don’t want them to get so relaxed to the point that nothing really matters. But you do want them to take time out to do some of the things that they enjoy and spend time with their friends. High school doesn’t always have to just work. Good socialization teaches them to have great people skills.

Put the Electronics DOWN

I feel that this is worth mentioning because everywhere I look, even on the road I see lots of people on their phones, tablets, and other electronics.

I can’t tell you how many times I pull up to a store and teens are walking the parking lot with their heads so far down in their phones that they don’t even look up to make sure there are no oncoming cars.

Years ago, a girl was killed because she crossed the street without looking up. She was on her phone. It’s so sad.

For this very reason, I say please put the electronics down. So many things are happening and their life is passing them by because they just aren’t paying any attention.

The use of electronics and social media contributes to failing grades in school. Encourage your teens to put the phones and tablets down sometimes.

I wish you and your teen a great first year of high school!

This is the end of the “Back to School Ready” series! I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please share this on Pinterest!