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Cake pops can be fun and easy to make! When I first began to make these I would become so frustrated because the process I was previously using was messy and a headache to say the least. After some trial and error, I have learned a much easier way to make cake pops and I can say now they are fun to make! You can find my recipe below, feel free to print it for later references.

We don’t worry about the looks. They are yummy and delicious and that’s all that really matters in the end, right? Another suggestion is to have fun with the decorations. You can add sprinkles, flowers, and other fun decorations to them. Cake pops can even be drawn on with edible markers and made to look like whatever you wish SpongeBob or a rose. It’s all up to you. Also, they do not have to be in a round shape. You can create them in a heart shape, an oval shape, even a square!

Note: If you prefer, you can simply place your cake pops down on the cake sheet so that they have a flat bottom. However, if you prefer a rounder look all the way around you should position them right side up to dry. 

Easy Cake Pops!

This recipe will show you the easy and stress-free way to make cake pops. Sometimes making cake pops can be a headache. It can get messy and become a real challenge. Here we will show you the easy way to make tasty cake pops. 
Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time30 mins
Resting Time15 mins
Total Time1 hr 30 mins
Course: Dessert
Keyword: Cakepops
Servings: 26 people
Author: Brittanie


  • 1 box Store-bought Cake Mix of Your Choice Choose your favorite cake mix or create a homemade cake mix. A store-bought cake mix is the quickest and easiest. You will need ingredients such as eggs,oil,butter,and water depending on the cake mix you choose. Be sure to look at the back of the box to see these extra ingredients.
  • 2 tbsp Store-bought Frosting of Your Choice You can make your own frosting but we want to make this as easy as possible so I always use store bought frosting. It's just as delicious! The amount of frosting you put in the cake will depend on the moistness of the cake. If it's really moist use less frosting and if it's dry use more frosting. Note: Add a tbsp of frosting at a time. Cake should be slightly crummy after adding the frosting, not soggy and mushy.
  • 2 bags Candy Melts I absolutely love using candy melts to cover my cake pops. I don't use anything else. Some people like to use chocolate but I prefer candy melts. They are easier to melt and come in a variety of really pretty colors. They also come in Salted Caramel Flavor and basic colors like white and brown.
  • 4 tbsp Vegetable Oil Use the oil of your choice, vegetable oil is just what I use and it works for me. Gradually add a little oil to the candy melts at a time, mix it up, place the candy melts in the microwave. Let the candy melts melt but take them out every 15 seconds and check because the candy melts can heat up really quickly and burn. Add enough oil that the candy melts are smooth and slightly runny like melted chocolate to allow easy covering of the cake pops. If the candy melts are too thick the cake pops will break and fall off the stick when dipped.
  • 26 6-inch Cake Pop Sticks You will need these to stick into the cake pops. From my experience, the Wilton 6-inch Cake Pop Sticks are the best choice.
  • 26 Cake pop bags Totally Optional. These are great if you want to give the cake pops as a gift.


  • Follow the ingredients step-by-step on the back of the cake box. Place the cake in a 9x13 cake pan  and bake the cake until it is completely done.
  • Remove the cake from the oven and place on a cooling rack to completely cool. 
  • Once the cake has completely cooled, break cake up into smaller chunks and place in a mixing bowl.
  • Finish crumbling the cake up into fine pieces using your hands. 
  • After completely crumbling the cake up, begin to add scoops of the cake frosting into the cake. Remember: Don't add so much frosting that the cake becomes soggy and mushy. The cake should still be crumbly even after adding the frosting. 
  • Mix the frosting into the cake mix really well using your clean hands or a mixing spoon. If you prefer to use your hands, you could also wear food prep gloves
  • Begin to roll the cake and frosting mixture into medium-sized balls. Using a cookie or ice cream scoop makes this step a lot easier. 
  • Place the cake balls onto a wax paper covered cookie sheet
  • After the cake mixture has been rolled into balls and placed on cookie sheet, begin melting only a small amount of the candy melts. Optional: You can use Wilton candy melts candy melting pot to simplify this process. 
  • Take the bowl of melted candy melts and dip the ends of the cake pop sticks into the candy melts. Place the stick halfway inside the cake pop. Note: You can get a 100 count Wilton 6-inch Cake Pop Sticks for only $3.99. Click here!
  •  Place cookie sheet in the freezer for 15-20 minutes or until cake pops become stiff not frozen solid. 
  • After 15-20 minutes, remove the cake pops from the freezer and begin melting the remainder of the candy melts. 
  • Once the candy melts have been melted, begin dipping into the melted candy melts. Try to do this quickly because it doesn't take long for the candy melts to harden. Swirl and tap gently if needed to remove access candy melt. 
  • Add cake pop decorations while the chocolate is still wet. Once it becomes hard the decorations will not stick. 
  • Once you have covered a cake pop in candy melts and added the decorations place the cake pops into styrofoam or a cake pop display stand for a more professional look. 
  • Cover cake pop with treat bags if you would like to give them as a gift.
  • Bon Appetit, ENJOY!

I know those are a lot of steps but I wanted to make sure this recipe was very easy for anyone to follow, even you beginners who have never made cake pops. You will see that these steps are very simple. I hope you enjoy making these as much as me!

For some of you, simply reading the recipe may not be enough. If you would like to actually see how easy cake pops are to make then head on over to and see exactly how Monique does it. Her video is really easy to follow. I know you’ll enjoy it! Check out some more of her delicious recipes while you’re over there!

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