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Stretch marks are those things that most everyone hates. They can form just about anywhere on the body but the more commonplace is the stomach area. Some women don’t get them until pregnancy. Females, as well as males, often get them from growing or gaining weight really quickly such as during puberty. 

These marks are normal and do not cause any pain or health problems but they are definitely a cosmetic concern for many. So I am going to share with you a few ways to prevent them if you don’t already have them and how to get rid of or lighten the appearance of these marks if you do have them.



Did you know that genetics are thought to play a role in whether a person gets stretch marks or not?

To Prevent Stretch Marks:


To Get Rid of or Lighten the Appearance Stretch Marks:

No treatment, home remedy, or removal product will work for everyone. Although these treatments, home remedies, and removal products are promising, there is no proven way to get rid of stretch marks. Therefore, none of the below methods may work for you but it’s worth trying. Please, consult your doctor before trying any of the methods below.

Treatments –

Home Remedies –

Stretch Mark Removal Products –

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