In this post, I am going to be shouting out some of my favorite blogs on the internet. Each and every one of these blogs is written by creative and inspiring women.

As a new blogger, I have learned a lot of tips and tricks from these individuals. Now, I’m going to spread the love by sharing these blogs with my loyal readers!

Here are 50 fabulous blogs that every lady boss should definitely follow!

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1. Alexis Schroeder – Fitnancials

Alexis really knows what she is talking about. Her blog is all about paying off debt, saving money, and starting a side hustle. She not only talks the talk but she also walks the walk. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing Alexis recently and she is an amazing person! Don’t forget to check out the interview with Alexis right here!

2. Michelle Schroeder – Gardner – Making Sense of Cents

On her blog, Michelle discusses saving money, making extra money, and traveling.

3. Sam – Samanthability

Sam teaches her readers how to make money online as a freelancer. This is the most informative website on freelance writing I have come across.

4. Suzi – Start a Mom Blog

As you can tell from the name of her blog, she teaches moms how to start money-making blogs. Her blog has been great at helping me to learn how to create my own printables for my email list.

5. Valentina – The Female Business 

Her blog focuses on growing your blog and Instagram. I first learned about her through a blog post, “10 Beginner Bloggers Share Their Income Reports”. 

6. Melyssa – Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa’s goal with her blog is to help you become great online! I have found some really great resources here.

7. Angela – Stray Curls

Angela is creative and she works hard at helping her readers create online businesses that stand out from the rest. Her graphics are so adorable, I love them!

8. Kumiko – The Budget Mom

She’s a Certified Financial Counselor with a blog that helps women get their finances in order. We all know how important that is!

9. Emily – The Creative Girl Boss Tribe

Emily teaches others how to grow their blogs into thriving businesses.

10. Carly – Mommy on Purpose

Her blog gives actionable mommy, home, and financial tips that her readers can benefit from. She is also the creator of the ebook “Pinteresting Strategies”. I’ve heard great things about it!

11. Mckinzie – Moms Make Cents

This blog is loaded with tons of resources that help moms grow their income, increase their savings, and tackle their financial plan.

12. Laura – By Laura Iancu

She teaches women how to grow their own girl boss empire. How cool is that?!

13. Kristin Larsen – Believe in a Budget

Kristin helps women side hustle, become confident online entrepreneurs and enjoying their life regardless of their budget.

14. Brittany – Sunshine Momma

Some of the topics on her site are parenting, travel, home, food, and entertainment.

15. Ling Tran – Finnsavvy Panda

Her blog is all about finances. It started out as a hobby but now she is making a full-time income from it. She was even able to quit her 9-5!

16. Kendra – Kendra Blogs 

Kendra’s blog is really helpful at teaching others how to start, grow, and monetize a blog.

17. Marissa Labuz – Just Simply Mom 

Her blog is all about pregnancy, baby & toddler, and family. She comes up with some great topics to write about.

18. Maya – Maya Maceka

Maya’s blog is all about blogging, traveling, and living the life you desire.

19. Ana – The She Approach

Ana is awesome! I’ve had the privilege of speaking with her over email and she was so helpful! Her website teaches you how to start and grow your blog. What I love most about her website is that she offers 1-on-1 coaching!

20. Amanda – Simply-Amanda

Amanda’s blog helps others to grow their beautiful blogs but she also offers Pinterest Management services. To me, this is so cool!

21. Aly – What Moms Love

Her blog is about babies, kids, fashion, food and more!

22. Caroline – Swaddles n’ Bottles

Caroline says her blog is about all things bump, baby, breastfeeding, and beyond.

23. Jenn – The Art of Better Blogging

Jenn has such a beautiful blog and she works hard to help her audience grow a successful business. She also offers coaching sessions, which is great.

24. Nikki – Nikki Blogs

Her theme is “Capture a Life You Love”. I don’t know about you but I love the sound of that! Nikki teaches others how to grow their businesses. She offers great services such as Pin Design & Pinterest Profile Optimization.

25. Nikki – Viva Passionista

Nikki teaches female entrepreneurs how to earn passive income on Autopilot. My favorite part of her blog is her free resource library.

26. Cassie Scroggins

Her slogan is, “Helping moms build successful blogs.” Cassie has a blogging planner and she also has a really nice podcast. It’s one of the few that I actually listen to.

27. Michele Tripple – Confessions of Parenting

Michele’s blog is about family, marriage, and recipes. Oh and printables! I love printables!

28. Emily – Easy Blog Emily

She teaches others how to blog and that’s great!

29. Maliha – The Side Blogger

Maliha teaches others how to grow their blogs and be successful.

30. Liesel Teen – Mommy Labor Nurse 

She’s a labor and delivery nurse preparing moms for pregnancy, labor & delivery, and life with a newborn.

31. Denia Royster

I love the realness that Denia brings to her blog! She is a great source of inspiration.

32. Petra Sranc – Big Income Paradise

As you probably guessed, Petra teaches her readers how to grow their incomes.

33. Lidiya – Lets Reach Success

Lidiya’s blog is all about money, blogging, building success and lifestyle.

34. Dale – Blogging Her Way

She shares tips on starting a blog and affiliate marketing.

35. Catherine Oneissy

Her blog is all about blogging and Pinterest!

36. Katie Grazer – Whats Katie Up To

Katie discusses all things blogging and social media.

37. Karen Monica

Karen is a great blogger from Malaysia who shares great content with her readers. She discusses lifestyle, papercraft, and blogging.

38. Alvern – Success Unscrambled

Alvern teaches others how to start a blog and bring in traffic.

39. Nicholette – Nicholette Styles

She creates beautiful Canva templates.

40. Jen and Madi – Hairs Out of Place 

Mother and daughter duo teaching about home, fun, and money.

41. Micala Quinn 

Micala teaches moms how to work from home.

42. Vanessa Gollasch – Blog Pixie

I love blog pixie! Vanessa designs beautiful items for blogs and instagram. She created my blog signature and I truly adore it! If you need a blog signature she’s your person.

43. Monica – Redefining Mom

Monica helps moms to be successful in their online careers and manage their budgets.

44. Laura – I Heart Planners

She helps her readers get organized!

45. Sarah – Diamond Blogging

Her blog is about growing your digital business.

46. Ell – Boss Girl Bloggers

She teaches women how to become boss girl bloggers!

47. Dawn – Oh Blog On It

Her blog is all about blogging!

48. Yolanda – Full Circle Digital

Her blog teaches blogging, marketing, Pinterest, and social media.

49. Audrey – Glitter and Caffeine

She helps others launch their own digital business and helps make the process easier so they don’t feel overwhelmed.

50. Maria Julia – Chic Pursuit

Maria helps fashion and lifestyle bloggers start, grow, and make more money in their business.

Whew! I know that was A LOT but now you have a whole list of great people to follow in case you weren’t sure at first. Head over to their blogs and tell them Brittanie sent you!